EquityMultiple Growth Update


The EquityMultiple investor network continues to surpass milestones. Read on for some recent updates on investment volume and velocity.

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Foundational resources for modern real estate investing

Introduction to Commercial Real Estate Investing


A balanced and comprehensive guide to commercial real estate investing concepts, and articles that consider contemporary nuances in real estate investing.
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Whitepaper: an Individual Investor’s Guide to Modern Real Estate Investing

by Soren Godbersen

A comprehensive guide to real estate investing today. How individual investors should approach the new landscape of investing platforms for private real estate and other alternatives.
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Q1 2019 Investor Letter

by Charles Clinton

CEO Charles Clinton provides an update on EquityMultiple's portfolio and product roadmap, as well as market commentary for the year ahead.
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Self-Directed IRA Real Estate Investing

by Rada Milenovici
Sep 26 2019
Self-directed IRA real estate investing has changed considerably over the past several years. Platforms like EquityMultiple have made it...
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EquityMultiple’s Growing Portfolio of Opportunity Zone Investments

Sep 8 2019
EquityMultiple’s First Few Opportunity Zone Investments In March of this year we were excited to announce our first Opportunity...
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EquityMultiple Asset Management Reporting Protocol

by Brian Vail
Aug 22 2019
EquityMultiple takes an active approach in managing all investments on behalf of our investors and strongly believes in maintaining...
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Alternative Real Estate Investments

Jul 25 2019
Pundits, advisors, and industry voices mean various things when they talk about “alternative investments”. In today’s parlance, any private-market...
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