In prior updates this year we shared exciting news regarding both EquityMultiple’s portfolio growth and performance. 

  • We beat the S&P 500 and public REITs by a wide margin in 2018. 
  • We enjoyed our highest-volume month ever.
  • We began offering Opportunity Zone investments to our investor network.

The total volume of investments through the EquityMultiple platform continues to grow steadily through a diverse array of real estate offerings. As we head into the fourth quarter, we have reached several other milestones worth sharing:

Record Growth Continues

The second quarter of 2019 concluded as our highest-volume quarter ever, with nearly $20 million invested across 15 offerings, including our largest raise since inception on a preferred equity office investment in Metro Chicago.

We are pleased to report that Q3 is on pace to exceed Q2 and set a new record for quarterly growth in dollars invested. This includes our third successful Opportunity Zone offering. We are excited to provide more Opportunity Zone offerings in response to investor enthusiasm for this tax-deferred product.

Prior Investments Near Maturity

While the majority of investments within the EquityMultiple portfolio are still mid term, we expect at least a few more to be fully realized by the end of the year. As a reminder, you can access our Track Record at any time for details on performance – both in aggregate and of individual investments.

An Expanding Product Set

EquityMultiple has launched three Opportunity Zone investments, representing three different asset classes and three different geographic focuses. These investments were subject to the same degree of rigorous underwriting as all prior EquityMultiple offerings. We evaluated hundreds of potential Opportunity Zone investments, selecting only those that offer a strong investment thesis, positive market fundamentals, and a sponsor with a strong track record. These investments will also benefit from our in-house asset management services throughout their term.

In total, EquityMultiple has offered investments in over 40 markets across the United States, including a growing set of promising secondary markets that benefit from robust job growth, emerging demand drivers, and net in-migration. Stay tuned throughout the rest of the year for updates on new, innovative investments.

EquityMultiple's team features real estate industry veterans, technology-driven analysts, and dedicated armchair economists.
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