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July 27, 2020
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Our investor network spans every U.S. state, and over 20,000 individuals from myriad professions and backgrounds. Here are some brief perspectives from actual EquityMultiple investors on real estate investing and how EquityMultiple fits within their overall investing strategy. 

Whitney Morgan – Biz Dev Executive

While I have a quantitative background both by study and practice, I’m not a day trader per se. However, I really enjoy investing on my own behalf and doing a deep dive on any potential investments I take on.

I’ve always been interested in real estate investing because it’s tangible. There are more options now than there used to be, so it becomes a fun analysis for me, and complements other investment types in my portfolio. 

EquityMultiple makes it easy to quickly understand the investment thesis and determine whether a project is a good fit for me. I can get a strong feel for each investment opportunity: who the sponsor is, what the business plan is, and why the returns are projected as pitched. The team is completely transparent and accessible, which adds to the confidence in my investment. 

Colin Webb – Orthodontist

My main objectives are growth and passive income. I invest in securities and other growth investments of course, but personally I’m more interested in investing in rental properties and real estate deals that have the potential to create a massive stream of passive income. 

I invest through some REITS, just as I’m in ETFs for safety and diversification. However, I also don’t mind taking a more active role in vetting individual investment deals. Which is why I’m bigger on rental properties and investments at the individual deal level like EquityMultiple offers. My overall approach to RE investing is that I want my investments to be passive once they are chosen and I want them to be diversified–but not so diversified that my return is minimized as in many REITs. I’m OK with increasing my risk exposure slightly to increase my return. So, my version of diversification in this sense is spreading my investments out over the individual deals on EquityMultiple and rental properties that I can hand select.

I want my investments to be very passive, so for my rental properties, I never considered that I would manage those myself. And when it comes toEquityMultiple deals, I see a lot of value in their due diligence and vetting of the deals on their platform–they then provide me with a clean report of the details and metrics that I need in order to either believe in a deal or not. So my time expenditure is minimal, and once I select and invest in a deal, it’s completely passive. 

The main thing I really like about EquityMultiple is the digital/web-based aspect of this type of investing. As a millennial with a busy and sometimes hectic professional life, this works really well for me. I can pull up the latest opportunities on my iPhone in my free time. I was reading about a deal between shots while walking my golf course–I invested later on that day. Because of EquityMultiple’s well-organized analysis and presentation of the investment thesis, I’m able to quickly understand the key points of an investment and, if I like it, complete and fund my investment within a few minutes.

I’ve been able to invest in different profiles of investments across the country and I’m open to all types of deals. Because I can quickly understand the metrics and return targets, the plan, the location, the terms, etc., and invest at a low minimum, it’s very easy to continue diversifying my real estate portfolio. 

Anthony Arrigotti – IT Professional

REIT’s are a great entry point to real estate. But, as you progress in interest and your personal wealth, a platform like EquityMultiple is a great introduction to how to access and evaluate private deals; both debt and equity. I am learning so much just by participating and excited about how easy it is to lever an alternative investment via the EquityMultiple portal.

I really enjoy EquityMultiple for its ease of use, and for exposure to deals that I would not normally have and the pure excitement of investing in tangible assets across the U.S. EquityMultiple makes it easy and transparent for investors to find offerings that, in the past, might have only been word-of-mouth and/or siloed to traditional avenues such as pension or family office investors. 

Gabriel Morris – Digital Marketing Entrepreneur

Why real estate? I like investing in assets where the probability of the asset going to zero is close to zero. It is possible to find plenty of non-new construction deals where the worst-case scenario is not overly grim.

I invest in EquityMultiple for the following reasons:

  • Experience: EquityMultiple’s founders/management have substantive real estate backgrounds. No rookie mistakes or missteps.
  • Phenomenal customer service: It’s quite easy to get a customer service rep, or even senior management, on the phone for discussions.
  • Platform-wide transparency: On quarterly updates, executives note issues, however small, with any deals. I’ve invested through other platforms and I can aver that such transparency is exceedingly rare.
  • Deal quality: While not every deal on EquityMultiple is suitable for my portfolio, I like the overall focus on cash- flowing, non-new construction deals.
  • Clarity: I appreciate the clarity of the presentation of investment deal details. It makes it easy for me to assess a deal and determine the attendant opportunities and risks.
  • In summary, I invest through EquityMultiple because it provides access to well-vetted deals that fit my criteria for investment quality, backed by transparent communication and excellent customer service throughout the deal lifecycle.

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*These customer testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other customers. No testimonial is indicative of future performance or success. 

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