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February 15, 2020

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Why Class B Multifamily Is Recession Resilient

Multi-Housing News – Since the pandemic began, Class A multifamily operators have struggled with occupancy and rent levels, while Class C operators have struggled with rent collections, as their tenant bases are made up predominantly of workers in industries hit hardest by the crisis. Downward demand pressure from would-be Class A renters, plus net migration to suburbs and less urban submarkets, has driven new demand to support Class B multifamily investment in many markets.

How Building Owners Can Capitalize On the Digital Transformation of Work

Commercial Observer – Office investors and operators can position themselves for the future by focusing on integration and experience. The pandemic will not kill the traditional office, but it may kill off the open concept workspaces of yore, with their repetitive rows of desks. Office operators can thrive by offering deliberate spaces for community and collaboration, and amenities that support a creative, intellectually curious workforce.

MSFT Announces Major Atlanta Investment

Bisnow – Microsoft’s investment in Atlanta—in the form of an integrated, mixed-use corporate campus that could have a robust job multiplier effect—may eventually house 15,000 new tech jobs and profoundly impact the metro’s economy. The cause-and-effect runs both ways: Microsoft’s investment is the result of Atlanta’s growing talent pool and appeal to mid-career knowledge workers. As Sunbelt metros and other secondary markets attract more tech talent, major tech firms will follow, with Microsoft’s ATL campus as a potential blueprint.

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