EQUITYMULTIPLE is an online marketplace that facilitates more accessible, efficient and transparent real estate investing by combining innovative technology with real estate experience. Like E-Trade did for stocks and Betterment is doing for wealth management, EQUITYMULTIPLE makes it easy for individual investors to create and manage their own portfolio of pre-vetted commercial real estate.

In this webinar, CEO Charles Clinton details EQUITYMULTIPLE’s vision, value proposition, and key platform features. This session also covers step-by-step process for sourcing and diligencing deals, and contrasts EQUITYMULTIPLE with other platforms and kinds of investing

Last but not least, this session details our current and upcoming deals. Want to know more? Create an account and check out the platform and live offerings.

By Soren Godbersen
VP | Marketing & Communications
Soren heads up all EquityMultiple communication efforts, including educational materials and research.
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