Over the past several months we’ve been collecting feedback on how we can provide better transparency into investments. Earlier in the year, we released the first in a series of improvements targeting asset management reporting – released as our Activity module. This week, we launched a new version of our Portfolio page, including a better and more streamlined design.

Functionally, we had three goals:

  1. Investment Summary data – this is probably the biggest change, where we added a new section called My Investment Summary that shows you how much you’ve earned lifetime, as well as how much you’ve invested over time.
  2. Return Percentages – we wanted to incorporate a simple return for each investment to quickly gauge its performance. This was done by rolling up earnings for cashflowing and fully exited investments, over amount invested. We provide a year-to-date number as well as total/lifetime.
  3. Payment Schedule – the latest distributions amounts and dates, as well as when future distributions are anticipated

All this would be in combination with data that was already being presented (invested dates, anticipated maturity, total earned, etc.). In short, we wanted to give you more data and represent it in a simpler more digestible format.

For those of you with existing investments, this feature is live. Simply login and click on My Portfolio.

As always, we’d love to hear some feedback, good and bad. Some of our best ideas came from recommendations in our community of users, so please drop us a line anytime at help@equitymultiple.com.

By Peter Shankar
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