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Advisors Are Bullish On Real Estate For Consistent Current Income. Here’s Why You Should Be, Too

CNBC An article explaining the benefits of investing in real estate to generate consistent cash flow, including private real estate, REITs, limited partnerships, and private preferred stock.  Stating “If you can build it or finance it, you can invest in it,” the article explores how real assets can offer a variety of options to produce fixed income.

2019 U.S. Real Estate Market Outlook Industrial & Logistics

CBRE Demand for industrial assets continues to outpace supply driving vacancy rates to historic lows, suggesting industrial real estate is a compelling investment. Significant growth prospects are evident amid the integration of logistics and retail. This CBRE report explores how this real estate sector will continue to evolve in 2019.

Five Ways Investors Can Better Navigate The Changing Commercial Real Estate Market

Forbes Forbes Real Estate Council outlines 5 ways to navigate the changing commercial real estate landscape. With remote work arrangements and e-commerce becoming the new norm, real estate investment professionals must adapt to these trends if they hope to succeed.

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