It’s hard to know where to look for investing advice. Many of us turn to our peer networks, sourcing tidbits of knowledge about specific investment vehicles or portfolio strategies. We’re best served, though, by looking more broadly and drawing upon the ever-expanding universe of information available online. Of course, there’s good information and bad information: balanced investing advice from quantitative-minded writers on the one hand, and biased, cavalier, overly-promotional content elsewhere.

Here are a few of our favorite personal finance and investing blogs, where the advice is straight, genuine, and intelligent.

Mr. Money Mustache

Financial Freedom Through Badassity

MMM’s blog is devoted to reinterpreting how Americans get, stay, and think about being wealthy. It’s a collection of practical advice, tips on saving money through DIY projects, and first-hand accounts of investing experiences. The site also features a useful forum, having collected many thousands of intelligent and devoted readers over his 5+ years. MMM’s writing also takes a stand against conspicuous consumerism, making the case for sounder personal finance via avoiding unnecessary purchases and simplifying. His screeds against consumerism and irrational personal buying habits have even earned MMM coverage in The New Yorker.     

Sample Post: What If Everyone Was Frugal?


The White Coat Investor

A Doctor’s Guide to Personal Finance & Investing

This blog, founded by Texas-based emergency physician Jim Dahle, aims to give fellow doctors a frank and comprehensive guide to personal finance, investing, and retirement saving. Dr. Dahle rightly recognizes that, as professionals with much more money than time on their hands, the modern landscape for personal finance and investing can be daunting, even dangerous, for physicians – WCI puts it more frankly: “I really started diving into the field as a resident when I finally got sick of financial professionals ripping me off.” The writing on WCI is to-the-point, discerning, and runs the gamut from life insurance to 401(k)’s and IRAs, to alternative investments. While no one on the EquityMultiple team is a doctor (yet), the advice on WCI is relevant to anyone who has money to invest, but is not yet a career investor.

Sample Post: Real Estate and Alternatives in Our Portfolio      


Financial Samurai

Slicing Through Money’s Mysteries


Sam Dogen’s blog is built on his experiences throughout 20 years of ups and downs in personal investing. The content is part no-bullshit life coaching, and part investing philosophy, loaded with cautionary tales from a life of thinking about, saving, investing, and (occasionally) losing money. This is recommended reading for anyone needing motivation to live a more goal-oriented financial life.

Sample Post: Income Profiles of Financially Free People



The Community for Intelligent Alternative Investing


Private equity veteran, all-around quant guy, and occasional EquityMultiple investor Andrew Savikas created this blog to help educate the alternative investing community – from real estate crowdfunding to P2P lending to pre-IPO startups. Andrew provides a transparent look at his own portfolio performance within alternative investments, and does the yeoman’s work of educating fellow investors on the perils and opportunities in the rapidly-evolving world of online alternative investing.

Sample Post: A Look Inside My Crowdfunding Portfolio


Investment Zen

Learn How to Make Money Work For You


This site is geared toward individuals who are relatively new to investing. While the writers have clearly spent plenty of time around money, they don’t pretend to be investing oracles, and the articles and resources are refreshingly non-authoritative. InvestmentZen doesn’t purport to have all the answers, but instead aims to give newer investors resources to venture confidently into the world of retirement accounts, brokers, robo-advisers, and online investing platforms.  

Sample Post: Why Compound Interest Isn’t as Powerful as You Think




Money Nomad

Become a digital nomad, work remotely, and see the world.

Rob Erich’s blog discusses how to become location-independent through remote streams of income and smart investing. The site is a practical guide for those seeking financial autonomy and methods for traveling extensively without being broke.

Sample Post: How to Quit Your Job and Become a Digital Nomad In 90 Days


What have we missed? Feel free to share your favorite financial blogs and bloggers in the comments below.

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