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Real Estate Sponsor

We Identify Sponsors and Lenders with Stellar Track Records

Our national network of real estate companies is constantly seeking opportunities across the country and across property types. They diligence each project and invest with their own funds, aligning their interests with EQUITYMULTIPLE investors and providing a first layer of diligence.

We work with:

  • National and regional lenders with significant experience & low default rates
  • Real estate companies operating in thriving primary, secondary, and/or tertiary markets
  • Sponsors with a proven record of meeting and exceeding return projections - a network bolstered by longtime clients of our real estate team, and our strategic partner - Mission Capital


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Best Real Estate Investments

We Focus on Opportunities Projected to Deliver Attractive Risk-Adjusted Returns

After vetting the project Sponsor we focus on evaluating the market and key transaction metrics, bringing decades of in-house experience and data to bear. Each deal must pass our proprietary scoring matrix before entering the next phase of diligence.

We look for:

  • Commercial properties in thriving markets with current cash flow
  • Short term senior loans with robust APR to investors and a promising exit strategy
  • Value-add projects with construction components and more aggressive business plans


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Real Estate Due Diligence

We Diligence the Specific Project, Selecting Less than 5% of Submissions

For projects that survive initial due diligence, we stress test underwriting assumptions, review key legal documents and third party reports and consider transaction structure. A select few are presented on our platform.

We strive to:

  • Offer a highly curated set of deals, presented comprehensively and transparently
  • Collaborate with the sponsor or lender to optimize risk-adjusted returns for our investors
  • Ensure that all investor questions get answered by our dedicated team of investment specialists


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Diversified Portfolio

You Invest and Create a Diversified
Real Estate Portfolio

Our technology streamlines your investment process by bringing it entirely online, offering deals that align with your investing goals.

  • Diversify your portfolio of real estate investments across markets, asset classes and project types
  • Receive earnings directly through ACH bank transfer
  • View quarterly investor updates on asset performance