Commercial real estate has historically been lucrative but difficult to access for individual investors. Not anymore.

Real estate crowdfunding is a new paradigm that offers unprecedented access to individual investors. The EQUITYMULTIPLE platform represents the evolution of real estate crowdfunding: lowering barriers to entry for accredited individuals while bringing the discipline and resources of an established commercial real estate investment firm. Invest confidently, and build wealth via direct investment in exclusive, pre-vetted commercial real estate projects. With minimums as low as $5,000, build a diversified portfolio as you co-invest alongside experienced real estate firms across the country.

The Premier Real Estate Investing Platform

9.4 / 10

"You can choose between different types of real estate investment types and asset classes, diversifying your portfolio however you see fit."

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"EquityMultiple is one of the few platforms that allows an investor to broadly diversify their portfolio using only one platform"

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"The company was founded by experienced real estate professionals who tapped into technology to provide convenient and low-cost access to deals that were previously unavailable to individual real estate investors."

Real estate investing is changing for the better.
Join the revolution.


Commercial real estate investing used to be available only to the connected and ultra-high-net worth. Not anymore. EQUITYMULTIPLE harnesses the real estate crowdfunding framework to bring new opportunity to individual investors, with shares in curated, private-market real estate available at an entry point as low as $5,000. Co-invest alongside experienced sponsors and lenders, access investments across property types, markets, and risk/return profiles; and build a stronger, more diversified portfolio.


The real estate crowdfunding paradigm allows for greater transparency and accountability. EQUITYMULTIPLE presents real estate investment opportunities concisely, but comprehensively. Do your own diligence, receive answers to your questions from our Investor Relations team, and invest confidently. We know good real estate, and we stake our business on it.


EQUITYMULTIPLE merges the efficiency of a real estate crowdfunding platform with the institutional practice and underwriting rigor of an established real estate firm. Our secure, full-cycle investing platform allows you to quickly create an account, view current and past investment opportunities and, when you are ready, invest in a matter of minutes. Receive distributions directly to your bank account and enjoy industry-leading asset management reporting and investor services.