Commercial Real Estate Investing

Resources to Get You Started

Whitepaper: an Individual Investor’s Guide to Modern Real Estate Investing

by Soren Godbersen

How modern real estate investing platforms compare with other forms of real estate investing, and how commercial real estate investing should factor into portfolio allocation.
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Introduction to Commercial Real Estate Investing


Our learning series: commercial real estate investing for individual investors. Foundational concepts. Modern considerations.
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Q1 2019 Investor Letter

by Charles Clinton

The latest from our CEO - Charles Clinton - on commercial real estate markets and CRE investing amid uncertain times.
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How it Works


Experienced companies in our network source real estate investment opportunities


We vet company and market, seeking attractive risk-adjusted returns for our investors


We diligence specific projects, stress test underwriting assumptions, and select <5%


You invest from a curated set of deals that have passed multiple layers of diligence

EQUITYMULTIPLE is the only real estate investing platform backed by a national commercial real estate capital services firm - Mission Capital. We offer debt, preferred equity, and high-upside equity investment opportunities to doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and other accredited individuals who are looking to build stronger real estate portfolios.

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