EquityMultiple Growth Update – Q4


Updates on portfolio growth, Asset Management operations, and our strategic direction as the pandemic crisis continues to unfold.

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Foundational resources for modern real estate investing

Introduction to Commercial Real Estate Investing


A balanced and comprehensive guide to commercial real estate investing concepts, and articles that consider contemporary nuances in real estate investing.
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Whitepaper: Investing in Alternative Assets Amid Market Upheaval

by Soren Godbersen

A comprehensive guide to investing in alternative assets. How individual investors should approach the new landscape of investing in a changing world.
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Investor Letter from our Founder & CEO – Navigating Coronavirus

by Charles Clinton

CEO Charles Clinton on how COVID-19 has and will impact real estate markets, and how EquityMultiple is adapting and seeking new opportunity.
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Further Reading

All articles, research, and video from the EquityMultiple team

Triple-Net Leases: What the Three “N”s Mean to Investors 

by Charles Jin
Oct 24 2020
A triple-net lease refers to an arrangement between a tenant and a property operator whereby the tenant is responsible...
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What Is a Preferred Return?

Oct 20 2020
Let’s face it – distribution waterfalls can be confusing. This article aims to demystify preferred returns and the order...
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The Weekly Multiple

Oct 19 2020
Each week we bring you the best of what we’re reading in industry news & market trend commentary. Sign...
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Q4 2020 Real Estate Update

by David Lofgren
Oct 15 2020
As the effects of the coronavirus pandemic continue to evolve, so do shifting dynamics that undergird commercial real estate...
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