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Building a sound portfolio starts with thoughtful allocation among major asset classes. With EQUITYMULTIPLE, you can allocate a meaningful portion of your portfolio toward commercial real estate, mirroring the strategy of institutional investors like the Yale and Harvard endowments.


The hallmark of sound investing is diversification. Our low minimums allow you to diversify the real estate portion of your portfolio by investing across a range of deal types, reducing your exposure to risk while retaining substantial upside.

How it Works

Invest in pre-vetted deals from experienced real estate companies


Finding Real Estate Deals

Experienced companies in our network source real estate investment opportunities


Risk Adjusted Returns

We vet company and market, seeking attractive risk-adjusted returns for our investors


Real Estate Underwriting

We diligence specific projects, stress test underwriting assumptions, and select <5%


Commercial Property

You invest from a curated set of deals that have passed multiple layers of diligence

Three Ways to Invest

Find the right balance of risk and return to meet your investing goals

Real Estate Equity Preferred Equity Short Term Investments


Our equity raises are structured to align our success with yours, and maximize investor returns. We work with sponsors to ensure that our investors are on the same economic terms as the other individual or institutional investors in the project.

  • Target Annual Cash Return: 6-12%
  • Target Internal Rate of Return (IRR) to Investors: 14%+
  • Typical Term: 3-7 years
  • Risk: As the last party to get paid, equity investors have limited downside protection. However, they enjoy uncapped upside if the deal performs well.

Preferred Equity

Our preferred equity deals offer investors a fixed monthly or quarterly return, combined with a fixed portion of the project upside upon repayment. We employ this structure to provide shorter, fixed terms and to help protect against downside risk.

  • Target Current Preferred Return: 6-12%
  • Target Total Preferred Return: 10-14%
  • Typical Term: 1-3 years
  • Risk: Preferred equity investors are entitled to repayment before the equity holders and project Sponsor are paid. This lets investors reduce risk but also tap into a portion of the upside.

Syndicated Debt

Our approach to debt is unique - you invest side by side with experienced lenders in loans secured by real estate. Our partner lenders originate and fund each loan and typically keep skin in the game, aligning their interests with yours.

  • Target APR to Investors: 7-12%
  • Typical LTV: 50-75%
  • Typical Term: 6-24 months
  • Risk: Each loan is a first lien loan secured by a mortgage or deed of trust. Investors do not participate in the upside of the project but enjoy significant downside protection because their investment is backed by a secured interest in the property.
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Actual returns will vary and there can be no assurance that an investment's projected or actual performance will lead to the targeted results or perform in any predictable manner. Past performance is no guarantee of future results, and any expected returns or projections may not reflect actual performance.

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Our Strategy is Informed by Experience

Experience matters. While other platforms are backed by venture capital companies, we're backed by a real estate company - Mission Capital, a recognized national leader in commercial real estate debt & equity finance.

Team Real Estate Experience
+ years
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+ billion
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