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Invest in Exclusive 1031 Exchange Real Estate

We make tax-deferred CRE investing simple, transparent, and accessible.

Access expertly vetted, professionally managed, private-market real estate structured to offer 1031 Exchange or QOZ benefits.
Invest in commercial real estate that has undergone exhaustive due diligence.
Co-invest alongside experienced firms, in assets across the U.S., from anywhere.
Enjoy full-cycle asset management, robust reporting, and dedicated investor relations.
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Diversify across markets, property types, and risk/return profiles.

1031 Exchanges—The Basics & Benefits Explained

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How EquityMultiple facilitates streamlined tax reporting and document delivery.
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EquityMultiple Growth Update


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FAQ Heading

Due to federal securities laws, only accredited investors can invest in offerings on our platform. When you sign up for the platform you’ll need to self-certify that you’re an accredited investor and will need to tell us how you qualify. We’ll ask you to re-confirm this each time you invest but otherwise we typically don’t require any documentary evidence of your financial status. Your personal financial information will be kept private in accordance with our privacy policy.

Debt deals entitle EquityMultiple investors to a fixed monthly or quarterly rate of return throughout the loan’s term and a return of principal at maturity of the loan. Similarly, preferred equity investments entitle investors to a fixed monthly or quarterly rate of return throughout the term of the investment, and may entitle investors to an additional accrued return when the investment is paid off and principal is returned.

The anticipated distribution schedule for the particular investment is explained on the offering page for that investment. All distributions are dependent on the receipt of corresponding payments from the underlying real estate investment and are not guaranteed

While we have no intention of going out of business, we realize the necessity of protecting your investments in the event that we go bankrupt or otherwise dissolve. Each investment offered on EquityMultiple is made through a deal specific LLC. These investment vehicles are set up to help ensure bankruptcy remoteness, meaning they can continue to exist independently even if their parent company goes into bankruptcy. Each investment vehicle will continue to be entitled to receive distributions from its underlying investment and each investor will continue to be entitled to their portion of that distribution. Please note that these investments still involve risk and distributions are not guaranteed.

To date, investors have invested in more than $700 million of commercial real estate through EQUITYMULTIPLE and our team has been involved with billions of dollars of institutional real estate transactions. Through this experience, we’ve learned that due diligence and proper investment structure are key to achieving more consistent investment results. While some companies will help you invest directly with the Sponsor of a project, we intentionally stand in between and look to add value by acting on behalf of investors both before an investment is made and for the life of the investment. We’re also committed to transparency and customer service - we’re always happy to field questions frankly and thoroughly, and to discuss any concerns over the phone.

You may be able to transfer ownership to another EQUITYMULTIPLE investor, though this is never guaranteed and handled on a case-by-case basis.

For each investment opportunity we create a separate LLC (i.e., EquityMultiple 20, LLC). When you invest in a particular deal you’re actually purchasing an ownership interest in the deal specific LLC, which in turn invests into the underlying project. As an owner of that LLC you’re entitled to your share of any income or losses generated by its investment in the underlying deal. This structure provides an important layer of protection for investors, as it helps insulate each investment from financial issues related to other investments or the parent company.

Keeping investor information secure is a top priority for EquityMultiple. EquityMultiple’s physical infrastructure is hosted and managed as a Heroku application within Amazon’s secure data centers and utilize the Amazon Web Service (AWS) technology. All sensitive data is encrypted and stored within databases to meet security requirements. Data encryption is deployed using industry standard encryption and the best practices for our technology stack. Here's more on our security practices.

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