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EquityMultiple Investor Holli
Holli - Seattle, WA | EquityMultiple Investor - Hear from our investors.
EquityMultiple Investor Christian
Christian - Brooklyn, NY | EquityMultiple Investor - Hear from our investors.
EquityMultiple Investor Vinodh
Vinodh - Bay Area, CA | EquityMultiple Investor - Hear from our investors.

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Achieve a higher level of diversification.

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Create an account in a matter of minutes, browse & invest in a diverse set of opportunities through a secure, intuitive platform.

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Gain exposure to an asset class that may offer protection against systemic risk & low correlation to the stock market. Start with as little as $10k.

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Invest passively in private, expertly managed real estate. Enjoy dedicated underwriting, investor services, and asset management.

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  • Industry-leading underwriting, informed by decades of CRE experience and proprietary methodologies.
  • A team of experts with over $75 billion of combined transaction experience, working for you.
  • A rigorous multi-step due diligence and investment structuring process to help protect investor interests.


  • Vigilant asset management through the lifetime of each investment you make.
  • Transparent reporting, dedicated investor services.
  • A constant focus on protecting investor principal and maximizing your returns.


  • A platform built for efficiency, transparency and security.
  • An intuitive investing experience that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.
  • The simplicity of an online brokerage account, now for private-market real estate investments.

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Learn how people across the country are building better portfolios with EquityMultiple.

Holli and Joe

Holli and Jim

"It's an incredible opportunity to be able to invest in cities across the country without leaving our home, which is the most beautiful place on earth as far as I'm concerned."

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The Rajagopalan Family

The Rajagopalan Family

"EquityMultiple fits my investing strategy perfectly... offering solid returns and the necessary diversification in terms of the capital stack."

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Peter and Diane

Peter and Diane

"I've been managing my portfolio for a long time. EquityMultiple takes my alternative asset exposure to the next level."

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