Investor Update Letter: May, 2018

by Charles Clinton
May 30 2018
In my last update, I spoke of the relative calm in the public markets and the U.S. economy at large. Since then, we’ve seen the passage of a major...
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Investor Intro Webinar

by Soren Godbersen
Jun 14 2018
EQUITYMULTIPLE CEO & Co-Founder Charles Clinton discusses the company’s history, value proposition to investors, and track record to date. We also take a look ahead at our product roadmap...
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Preferred Equity Real Estate Investing: What, Why, & How

Jun 12 2018
Preferred Equity Real Estate – Some Background Context Preferred equity is part of the real estate capital stack – in other words, a type of financing a sponsor or...
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The Weekly Multiple

May 11 2018
Happy Friday everyone. Here’s the best commercial real estate news, tech banter, analytics chatter, and investing advice we’ve read this week… We were excited to launch our first investment in...
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