Our investors are professionals from various backgrounds, from all over the country. Here's what a few of them had to say about investing with EQUITYMULTIPLE.

Ben Cooper

Investment Banker

“What really separates EQUITYMULTIPLE from the other platforms, for me, is the concentration on higher quality, generally larger deals.”*

Whitney Morgan

MBA, Biz Dev Professional

“EQUITYMULTIPLE makes it easy to quickly understand the investment thesis and determine whether a project is a good fit for me.”*

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Colin Webb


“As a millennial with a busy and sometimes hectic professional life, EquityMultiple works really well for me. I can pull up the latest opportunities on my iPhone, understand the investment thesis, and invest within a few minutes.”*

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Gabriel Morris

Digital Marketing Technology Entrepreneur

“I invest through EQUITYMULTIPLE because it provides access to well-vetted deals that fit my criteria for investment quality, backed by transparent communication and excellent customer service.”*

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Anthony Arrigotti

IT Professional

“EQUITYMULTIPLE makes it easy and transparent for investors to find offerings that, in the past, might have only been word-of-mouth and/or siloed to to traditional avenues”*

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*These testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other customers and is no guarantee of future performance or success.